I’m a new blogger but experienced adventurer. As adventures are always unique and best experienced in person, I only hope I can capture some of the essence here to remember them personally and share them with others. I have no idea how many people will read this and who they will be, so a lot of what I post may be for my personal reasons more than my readers. However, my personal philosophy is complete openness and I really have nothing to hide, so feel free to explore the world that I create here as you so desire.

If you know me, you won’t need to read this. But if you don’t know me, I’m a late 20’s caucasian male from northwestern Pennsylvania. I come from a middle-class family of skiers and entrepreneurs. I love my family dearly and consider them a crucial part of my life. I studied mechanical engineering and developed a severe passion for rock climbing in college. While working as a mechanical engineer in Chicago, skiing was hardly accessible, so I was drawn to the outdoors for climbing as much as possible. I frequented the Red River Gorge in Kentucky as my outdoor adventuring outlet. However, I LOVE mountains, and I’ve recently made the conscious decision to conclude my career in Chicago in favor of a few months of travel by van. This blog is to capture the adventures of that trip.

My traveling adventures by van began in October 2012 and are slated to conclude in April 2013. If you’re reading this blog well past those dates, rest assured this is all old and outdated and I’ve moved on to other things =)


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